Juergen Spitzmueller Juergen Spitzmueller

As of March 2015, I am full professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna, Department of Linguistics. I was trained in German (Linguistic) Studies, where I have also received my academic qualification (PhD, 2004, in Freiburg, Germany; Habilitation, 2013, in Zurich, Switzerland).
My main research interests are located in the fields of (interactive) sociolinguistics; they particularly include (multimodal) ideologies of communication (metapragmatics) and discourse studies.
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New publication (September 2019)Sociolinguistics Going Wild. The Construction of Auratic Fields. In: Journal of Sociolinguistics 23/5 (special issue The Sociolinguistics of Late Modern Publics, ed. by Theresa Heyd und Britta Schneider), pp. 505–520.
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[Download: <https://doi.org/10.1111/josl.12383>].